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Nonprofit Capacity Building

Investing in our community’s nonprofit leaders

We believe that investing in local nonprofit organizations strengthens our entire community. Like any strong organization, a great nonprofit has effective leadership, including a strong Board of Directors, to steer the direction of the organization and mission-driven staff to provide quality services and programs to the community.

Serving in a leadership role can be a challenging experience—it encompasses working in close partnership with the board of directors to develop actionable strategies while inspiring internal staff as they fulfill the organization’s mission.

Our capacity building programming is built on the belief that nonprofit leaders are best suited to identify and address the needs of their own organization. Working alongside them, the Foundation provides access to resources and investments based on the unique needs of the participating organizations which can include and are not limited to:

  • Coaching specific to participant needs
  • Strategies to effectively navigate governance and operational responsibilities
  • A community of peers invested in personal and professional growth
  • Trusted coaches and facilitators

How Nonprofits Can Access This Programming

The best way for a nonprofit to begin engaging with our capacity building resources is through participation in Omaha Gives! and our grant programs. These programs have a number of workshops and trainings built into them, with a level of support available to nonprofits throughout. As your nonprofit works with the Foundation, conversations will deepen and opportunities for professional coaching and specialized investments can open up.

Questions? We’re here to help.
Anne Meysenburg

Director of Community Investment

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