Dean and Maria Jacobsen recently sat down to reflect on their family’s involvement with the Omaha Community Foundation. The life-long Omaha residents shared their giving journey and how the Foundation has helped them support causes close to their heart and make sure the next generation understands the importance of making their communities a priority.

“We just love this city,” Maria said. “It’s a beautiful place to raise your children.”

“I never want to move to a bigger city,” Dean said.

It has always been in their hearts to help others. They’ve strongly supported those in need here at home, across the country and internationally. It’s a credit to their faith, Maria said and the examples set by both their families growing up. It’s a tradition they intend to pass on to the next generation as well. Working with the Omaha Community Foundation they have helped get their three children started on their giving journeys.

“Hopefully, through our example, they’ve seen what we’ve done,” Dean said. “And how it works and how it would work for them.”

To learn more about the Jacobsens and their efforts to build a legacy of giving, click the video above.