The Donor Services team at the Omaha Community Foundation is here to make giving through your fund as simple and meaningful as possible.

It’s an experienced and knowledgeable team, committed to providing smart strategies and proven practices for making the most out of your philanthropic decisions. Consider them your partners in philanthropy.


Sunni Kamp

Sunni joins the Omaha Community Foundation as a Donor Services Specialist after working at the Story County Community Foundation in Ames, Iowa. She uses her community foundation experience to help others make an impact in our community by working with the people and organizations who are making things happen. Ask Sunni about her love of being active outdoors and brick oven pizza.


Eyerusalem Gehringer

Eyerusalem was most recently a Project Director at the Women’s Center for Advancement and is our new Process & Database Administrator. It’s important that her work makes an impact on the world around her and she sees that happening in the work at OCF. She’ll be one you call when you can’t get the ball return to work at the bowling alley. As a student, she was the building manager at the student center that included a bowling center.


Nathan Morgan

For the past nine years, Nathan was Executive Director at The Big Garden in Omaha and joins us as a Donor Services Specialist. He brings over 25 years of nonprofit experience to OCF and uses that experience helping to figure out the different passions each donor holds and how they can best affect our city. Want to talk about finding and replacing an alternator on a Chevy pickup? Nathan can be your “car guy” resource.


Sydney Calcagno

Sydney returns to her hometown after being Program Director at Storytime Village in Wichita, Kansas. She is excited to be that connector between nonprofits and the resources they need to get their work done. Don’t be surprised if she responds to a question in a foreign language. She studied French for 10 years and is currently learning Italian.

Tess Houser


Tess moves into her new role as Philanthropic Services Administrator after being a member of the Southwest Iowa Foundation team since 2019. Her creativity and detail-oriented nature helps in her role in building relationships with donors, nonprofits, and other stakeholders. She’s an efficiency expert and was instrumental in helping to streamline and enhance the grants experience for our Iowa affiliate foundations.

To contact our Donor Services team, email or call (402) 342-3458.