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Our Culture

Why Fun is a Part of Our Company Culture

People sometimes ask me why our organization has a costume closet, light-up hula hoops, and a unicorn ring toss game. My response is, “Why doesn’t yours?” It may seem frivolous to […]

Dec 1st, 2021   Our Culture

We’ve Moved to a New Office

We are excited to announce that our team has moved to a new location in central Omaha. We spent the past four years in Kiewit Plaza – now named Blackstone […]

Apr 29th, 2021   News, Our Culture

Staff Reflections: On Living and Working Through a Pandemic

I have two rules for myself in times of crisis: Don’t buy property or propose. Somehow, the COVID-19 outbreak didn’t throw any red flags. I made one of the most […]

Apr 26th, 2021   Our Culture

Meet Our New Team Members

We are excited to introduce you to three new members of our Community Investment team! They bring a wealth of experience and a commitment to cultivating a thriving community for […]

Feb 24th, 2021   Our Culture

What Cher Taught Us While Hiring in a Pandemic

During the last months of 2020, we found ourselves needing to hire for several new positions at the Foundation. Recruiting during a pandemic has been very revealing. Perhaps not as […]

Dec 9th, 2020   Our Culture

Fostering an Equitable Community and Internal Culture

At the Omaha Community Foundation, we’ve made it our mission to inspire philanthropy to create a thriving community for all. We do this by cultivating generosity, strengthening nonprofits, and engaging […]

Nov 18th, 2020   Equity, Our Culture, Philanthropy

Staff OpEd: What the Wildebeest Teaches

Thanks to a great 4th grade science teacher, I grew up knowing that lions survive in prides and dolphins navigate in pods. But lesser known, yet not less important, is […]

Apr 16th, 2020   Our Culture

Meet the Newest Members of our Donor Services Team

The Donor Services staff at the Omaha Community Foundation is here to make giving through your fund as simple and meaningful as possible. We’ve recently added two new Donor Services […]

Feb 27th, 2020   Our Culture

OCF Staff Commits to Equity and Inclusion

In June 2018, Omaha Community Foundation began partnership with the Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI) to guide a journey for further understanding and implementation of race equity in our […]

Aug 7th, 2019   Equity, Our Culture

Building Culture Starts With a Bowl of Soup

I’ve been able to attend a plethora of training sessions and presentations to aid in the development of a successful corporate culture. During these sessions, it was reinforcing to hear […]

May 29th, 2019   Our Culture

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