As we find ourselves in 2017, I am reflecting on all that has happened in the past year. These accomplishments do not belong to our staff and our board, but are a result of your confidence in referring your clients to us that motivate collective investments and generosity in our community.

We are inspired by what relationships with clients like yours yield, be it . . .

  • Connecting a donor with information about housing that leads to an inspiring investment in our community,
  • Enabling stronger planning between a nonprofit Board and its CEO that elicits a succession plan to position the organization for continued success,
  • Synchronizing partners in our community to come together around specific priorities, or
  • Helping a donor connect more deeply to an issue that evokes plans for an estate gift one hundred times larger than any other gift he has given.

These things do not happen without intention. Your support of our ability to serve your clients allows us to follow that intention further into action for our community. Referrals come with trust that we will be a sound steward of your client relationships. For that reason, I am proud to share with you what has resulted because you choose to work with the Omaha Community Foundation.

This past year was the final year of a 3-year strategic plan. In addition to launching new projects like The Landscape, a barometer to help us better understand how we are faring on key issues, we have continued to support giving by:

  • Growing our family of donors by 30 percent, in part due to the wonderful group of referring advisors that has grown by 50 percent,
  • Doubling the rate of donor participation in charitable estate planning, ensuring funds remain in our community and in families who care deeply about giving, and
  • Raising more than $27 million through the community’s participation in Omaha Gives!, with the average donation made growing by 85 percent.

We have also continued to invest in strengthening nonprofit operations and governance, graduating classes of nonprofits annually from our 2-year Nonprofit Capacity Building Program. Participants report a 30 percent increase in their organizations’ capabilities to fulfill their missions.

We hold ourselves accountable to you, and as such, invite you to review our results from the 2014-2016 plan online here.

In 2017, we are embarking on the journey of our next 3-year strategic plan, and look forward to our continued partnership with you.

Thank you for the confidence in our partnership with you to make our community even better!