As we reflect on the success of the 2016 fiscal year, we are grateful for the collective efforts of all who helped the Foundation cultivate generosity last year. And on behalf of the staff, board, finance committee, and investment subcommittee, the Foundation is pleased to report on our financial strength and progress.

In 2016, our donors gave 11,000 grants—a record!—to 2,349 nonprofits. This activity resulted in a $146 million infusion into nonprofits, which once again placed us as one of the top 20 most generous foundations in the country.

The philanthropic activities of our generous donors helped sustain our position as a leader amongst our peer foundations nationwide. With more than $1 billion in assets, we are now the 15th largest community foundation in the country, according to CF Insights. And we currently rank 12th nationally in giving per capita according to a survey by The Columbus Foundation.

We also proudly opened 154 new donor accounts to grow our family of 1,500-plus donors, which helps further expand our reach.

For more insight on 2016 results, we encourage you to review our 2016 Giving Report, 2016 Annual Giving Infographic, and the 2016 Audit Report on the Results page.

While these numbers are impressive, our biggest successes are reflected in the relationships we continue to build across the community. In 2016, we worked to deepen our impact throughout the region. We launched The Landscape, a community indicator project that uses publicly available data to gauge how the Omaha metro is faring in six areas community life. This project reaffirms our commitment to meeting the community’s greatest needs while expanding the breadth and depth of knowledge we offer.

Strengthening our impact extends to our donor family as well. One way we can facilitate greater impact for our donors is through the option of recommending a preferred investment program for the funds they have established at the Omaha Community Foundation.

Beyond our three internal investment programs, we offer Independent Management of Funds. This option allows advisors to retain client relationships and develop portfolios specifically customized to their clients’ investment preferences and time horizons, with the goal of growing the assets available for clients’ philanthropy. We continually work to provide sound investment options for donor accounts that align with the diverse needs and preferences of our account holders.

Our continued growth and strong financial footing is a testament to the incredible generosity within this community. We are proud to be a connector of good in this community, and we look to the future with optimism as we continue to cultivate generosity—and grow even more good for the people who live and work here.

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