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Community Resilience Fund

Supporting an equitable, long-term recovery

All of us have been affected by COVID-19 in some way and will continue to feel its effects for years to come—some more than others. Only together can we overcome the health, economic, and social impacts of the pandemic and build our capacity to face challenges, as a community.

The Community Resilience Fund is dedicated to supporting Omaha-area organizations serving communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19. It is also designed to complement local and federal aid.

Anyone can give to the fund.


What Action the Fund Can Support

To help address the emerging, long-term needs of our community as it recovers and rebuilds, we will offer grants to nonprofits that provide programs and resources in five key focus areas.

Supporting enrichment programs and activities to reverse disparities that grew due to remote learning and other educational disruptions.

Alleviating operational uncertainty until organizations can fully reopen and restabilize earned revenue through programs, performances, and exhibits.

Meeting the increased need for services and working to improve the overall mental health system.

Ensuring people can safely stay in their homes through legal assistance or financial support.

Helping people gain new skills or education to find and secure stable employment.

> Nonprofit organizations can apply year-round. Learn more.

Your Giving Matters

Over 6,500 community members gave a total of $1.5 million to our COVID-19 Response Fund, helping 51 local nonprofits address urgent needs in 2020.

A year after the outbreak, COVID-19 continues to take its toll on our nonprofit community. Many have seen an increased demand for services while the pandemic widened racial, economic, and gender inequalities.

Since launching the Community Resilience Fund in April, we have received over $2.7 million in requests from over 100 nonprofits.

It is on us—all of us—to come together and rebuild a community that is more equitable, inclusive, and resilient.

Grant Recipients

Grant applications are being accepted and processed on a rolling basis as funds come in.

Grants Made in May 2021
The Community Resilience Fund awarded $103,738.75 in grants to five Omaha-area nonprofit organizations.

Grants Made in June 2021
The Community Resilience Fund awarded $83,000 in grants to seven Omaha-area nonprofit organizations.

Grants Made in July 2021
The Community Resilience Fund awarded $98,352 in grants to nine Omaha-area nonprofit organizations.

Grants Made in August 2021
The Community Resilience Fund awarded $65,000 in grants to three Omaha-area nonprofit organizations.

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